Thursday, 9 December 2010

Home Normal Xmas Live Party in London with Yellow6, Ian Hawgood, Konntinent, Danny Saul and Seasons (pre-din)!!!- 17th December

FRIDAY 17TH OF DECEMBER we'll be having a bit of a knees up in Angel, London. Playing at The Wilmington Arms will be: guitar god Yellow6 coming down for a rare London show, I'll be flying over from Japan to make an appearance and some wild improvised noise with my good friend Konntinent (think 'Konngood'). Uber-special guests will be of the usual Manchester flavour (in keeping with last years Boats / Danny Norbury bash) with the lovely Danny Saul and Seasons (pre-din). Danny is the owner of White Box Recordings, one half of the excellent Liondialer (with Greg Haines) and has just released a rather wonderful record on the ever reliable Hibernate called 'Kinison - Goldthwait' (a Boomkat album of the week no less). Seasons (pre-din) is the rather fabulous Type artist who released Your Eyes the Stars and Your Hands the Sea to critical acclaim last year.

It promises to be a very special night indeed. Online tickets are just £4 but these are limited and there aren't many left now. On the night we'll save a few at £6 a go. We'll also have the latest releases including the bvdub release (not officially released until January) on sale for just a fiver on the night. Hope to see you there! x Ian


Buy Konntinent 'Opal Island' here
Buy Ian Hawgood's work here
Buy Danny Saul 'Kinison - Goldthwait' here

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